Modelo CTF10
Trailer for towing with a truck.
Metallic 10 m3 Hopper bodywork to transport seeds or fertilizers.
Características técnicas:

· Weight: 1,300 kg.
· Size: 4,300 mm. in length by 2,500 mm. in width.
· Chassis built with seamless tubes of 60 mm by 120 mm by 6.35 mm thick.
· Divided in two tanks.
· Cones with a 50o drop.
· Unloading by means of a folding tube of 240 mm. in diameter, driven by
an orbital engine of 100 cm3, roller type.
· 100 L pump. With pneumatic command power take-off
· Openings to connect hoses from other hoppers and be able to unload.
· Double acting cylinder and double command to operate the system.
· 140 L capacity oil tank with exit filters, anti-foam admission, nozzle with
ventilator and oil level and temperature gauges.
· Covering tarp with crank (quick covering).
· Treated with Epoxy and polyurethane paint.
· Accessories included: mudguard with accessory to cut off spray, bumper

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