Modelo ATF09
Trailer for towing with a truck.
Hopper trailer with three axles with 38 m3 capacity for towing with a truck.
Características técnicas:

· Chassis: Constructed with double T beams.
· Weight: 7,500 kg.
· Size: 9,000 mm. in length by 2,600 mm. in width.
· Laminated front wheel assembly with double ball bearings.
· Reinforced suspension with 12 leaves.
· Tubular axles with 10-bolt disk hubs.
· Reinforced rims with rings for 1,000 or 1,100 x 20 tires or radialsfor
295/80x 22.5 tires (without tires).
· Brakes with blockers in the 3 axles.
· Unloading cone with a 38o drop for cell with guillotine door.
· Covering tarp with crank (quick covering).
· Treated with Epoxy and polyurethane paint.
· Accessories included: hinged rear bumpers, tool box, wheel wrench,
statutory lights and access ladder.
· Complete documentation for registering.
· Scales can be fitted.

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